Iceni Chapter History

A Short History of Iceni Chapter  #7822

Our Chapter exists to promote and encourage activities concerned with the riding of Harley Davidson motorcycles.
Here is a summary of the activities our members enjoy:

We were officially formed in October 2008 and are the most Easterly based Chapter in the UK.
The Iceni Chapter is affiliated to The Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.).

We are sponsored by Norwich Harley-Davidson, and have a steadily growing membership of like-minded Harley-Davidson owners whose main aims are simply to ride together and have fun.

Following the formation of the Chapter in 2008, the first meeting was held at the Norwich Harley-Davidson dealership in November 2008.

The first Director was Andy Bayfield. Later Kevin Dewane took over as Director with Phil Dingle as Assistant Director. The current Director is Ross St Quintin came to office in 2022 and succeeded Jeff Bacon who had served as Director for the previous five years.

Come and join us and get the most from your Harley.

Note from the Webmaster.

The history is contained within the links below. Each year contains committee information, the rideout schedule and any significant events that happened during each year.

Chapter Year One – 2008

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