Dealer Principal Keith Foster

Chapter Director Ross St Quintin

Assistant Director Paul Freeman

Secretary & Editor Betty St Quintin

Treasurer & Charities Paul Anthony

Head Road Captain Andy Cubbage

Ladies of Harley & Activities Audrey Watts

Webmaster & Comms Martin Watts

Membership Lesley Freeman

Safety Officer Graham Fielding


Social Media Greg St Quintin

Historian Paul Ryan

Merchandising Jon Taylor

Mileage Ambassador Yvonne Owers

Mileage Ambassador Ron Eaglen

Activities Team Kate Presland

Activities Team Sophie Pearce

Activities Team Karl Pearce

Activities Team Jaky Gahegan

Icenior Supprt Phil Dingle

Dealer Representative Jamie Smith

ROAD CREW  for 2023

Head Road Captain Andy Cubbage

Road Captains: 

Jeff Bacon  

Philip Dingle         

Graham Fielding   

Paul Freeman  

Gunther Gerdes

Barbara Hutchins 

Sue Kyson        

Martyn Kyson   

Michael Oxborough 

Betty St Quintin

Ross St Quintin     

Kevin Pennington

Jon Taylor who passed the Road Captains Course March 2023 – Congratulations Jon!

Road Marshals:

Dean Aldous   

Chris Baker

Les Burr     
Geoff Dow     

Karl Pearce

Paul Scarborough

Michael Watling

Martin Watts

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