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Hi Guys and Gals

Been riding bikes since I was 17

First bike was a Suzuki AP50, I was so proud of it! Then a succession of Jap 2 strokes and a few 4 stroke. 1st Harley experience was when a mate asked me to move his old HOG to his new house and I was bitten, must have one of these one day! This was an old 4 speed I think but what a bike! Started with collecting t shirts and other memorabilia and always gravitated to the Harley stand at shows. Something would happen at some point in my life I knew that.

Then a long sabbatical as kids came along and if anyone knows my wife, she ain?t a keen biker! However as the kids got older my drug addiction to bikes kept reappearing so I persisted at Sharon to let me have another bike. After my monthly assault on her goodwill she finally cracked and said ? ok you can have a Harley as I know you?ve always wanted one and they don?t go fast and you?re old enough now? not sure about the age thing but hey ho a yes is a yes!

Straight on the web site, settled on a 48 but hated the riding position. So after some long negotiations eventually left with a 2016 Street Bob with stage1 in black, which my wife chose as she said it looked like a Harley?? Go figure. Anyway did a lot of riding and touring on this one and learnt a lot about what I wanted my Harley to offer. I like the old traditional look so after a long search found my current Soft Tail Slim S in army green which gave me most of my wish list . I love this bike and unsure what to have next but it will be a Harley as the mates I now have and the experiences shared have enriched my life no end. Long roads ahead but an enjoyable one none the less.


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