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As a teenager I ‘pootled’ around with my mates on a couple of old ‘peds, working my way up to the ubiquitous Honda CG125.

My mates went out into the world to earn an honest bob and indulged themselves in such bikes as a Triton, BSA Gold Star and a Triumph Bonneville T100.  They went of into the sunset and I went to Uni.

Then somehow things happened … mortgage, children, stuff and a need for some cash saw the CG on its way.

Being ‘bikeless’ was only a temporary situation and twenty years later I got myself a Yamaha Dragstar and a Virago,  I also had a little Honda Shadow and some obscure Italian machine whose name I can’t remember (I think it started with ‘G’). As you can see, it’s cruisers that interest me and the ultimate cruiser to have is a Harley.

I always had a hankering for a Dyna Wide Glide but I am more than happy with my Dyna Street Bob.  Owning a Harley is not just about owning a bike, it’s about meeting new people, forming friendships and all that HOG can give you that just doesn’t happen with other marques. As an aside, last summer, I bumped into one of my mates who road of into the sunset at one of The Grange bike nights.  It was the first time I had seen him in forty years.  You see bikes do bring people together.


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