Martin Watts – Comms/Web & Road Marshall

Martin Watts – Communications Officer/Webmaster & Road Marshall                                                                                                         

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As a teenager I ‘pootled’ around with my mates on a couple of old ‘peds (one was green and the other was a Honda), working my way up to the ubiquitous Honda CG125.

My mates went out into the world to earn an honest bob and indulged themselves in such bikes as a Triton, BSA Gold Star and a Triumph Bonneville T100.  They went of into the sunset and I went to Uni.

Then somehow things happened … mortgage, children, stuff and a need for some cash saw the CG on its way.

Being ‘bikeless’ was only a temporary situation and twenty years later I got myself a Yamaha Dragstar and a Virago,  I also had a little Honda Shadow and some obscure Italian machine whose name I can’t remember (I think it started with ‘G’). As you can see, it’s cruisers that interest me and the ultimate cruiser to have is a Harley.

I always had a hankering for a Dyna Wide Glide or a Fat Boy but I am more than happy with my Dyna Street Bob.  Owning a Harley is not just about owning a bike, it’s about meeting new people, forming friendships and all that HOG can give you that just doesn’t happen with other marques. As an aside, last summer, I bumped into one of my mates who rode of into the sunset at one of The Grange bike nights.  It was the first time I had seen him in forty years.  You see bikes do bring people together.


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