Mike Oxborough – Safety

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Email  –  safety@icenihog.com

My motorcycling life started in the 70’s at around the age of ten, on a discarded Honda twist and go that all the local kids took turns on riding, and falling off! in the fields behind our house.

The obligatory FSIE arrived on my sixteenth birthday then various 250cc bikes, passing my test when you could no longer ride those on ‘L’ plates.

A few bike free years followed with mortgage and work commitments, until around the year 2000 with the purchase of a Yamaha Fazer 600, then various Sports bikes followed until an accident in 2008 made me vow never to ride again!

However, a chance visit to the Norwich Harley-Davidson dealership in 2011 saw me become the proud owner of a new 1200 Sportster and an introduction to the Iceni chapter, that was it, I was hooked to the brand and the chapter and haven’t looked back since!

After many memorable rides in UK, trips to Europe, South Africa and the UK. I have recently traded my Fatboy in for a Road Glide limited hoping to do many more European trips in the future.

Being a HOG life member and a member of the Iceni for over ten years I felt it was time to give something back to the chapter and become more involved helping with the organisation of the Chapter.

Keep it safe.


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