Paul Welch – Photographer & Historian

Paul Welch – Photographer & Historian                                                                                 Back to Officers page           Back to Road Crew page

On two wheels with the wind in my face is where I love to be !!  From a very early age my parents would take me to watch the motor cross racing at Lyng where I was amazed at the boys hurtling round the course whist flying through the air at great speed and this is where the passion was born.

Tinkering with bikes and riding was my main hobby whilst cobbling something together in the shed and then usually breaking it, until I reached the grand age of 17 and became road legal where the open road brought a freedom beyond compare.

Numerous types and styles of bike came and went until a lengthy break for family and children halted proceedings. My first Harley was in 2015 which brought with it a new dimension to owning a motorcycle and that is belonging to a chapter and being part of a motorcycling family. My partner Jane soon became involved and before long was ridding herself which opened new horizons and has made plotting and planning for trips and rides even more special.

The passion has never waned and I’m sure its Castrol that runs through my veins awaiting the next chance to fire up the engine and head off for a next adventure !!  Enjoy the freedom and ride safe.


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